Mindful Eating Program

The Am I Hungry? © Mindful Eating Program helps you connect with your body, feel grounded and in charge of your eating habits.

Online mindful eating program

Are you finding yourself binge eating on the weekend to then start your diet "on Monday", feeling confused about when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat?

Are you tired of dieting? Do you have a knowing deep down that it doesn't work?

Have you had enough of wishing you would start to get fitter?

If you feel confused and fed up then this program is for you.

The program will help you learn new skills, and no BS tools to become in charge of eating habits. In the process you will improve your overall health and well-being, and feel grounded in trusting the expert in YOU.

-ANASTASIA HOURDAS, Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Program Facilitator


The Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat book, by Dr Michelle May and The Companion Workbook & Awareness Journal are sent to you by post.


Eight weekly 90 min workshop sessions with an accredited dietitian/program facilitator.


Access to amihungry.net website, where you have access to extra tools, and information.


Access to a Facebook community where we share our experiences in a safe and welcoming space with fellow participants.


Email support by Eating Psychology Coach & Accredited Practicing Dietitian.



The program changed my life. I learned not to hate myself anymore or to think of myself as a failure if I wasn't thin. I learned that my value is not linked to my size and that you can't hate yourself thin. I also learned that restrictive dieting creates binge eating and that explained so much about the terrible year I was having trying to lose weight. I learned that I should trust my body to tell me when to eat and when to stop.

- Tammy, 2018

My biggest "aha" was moving away from a mindset of scarcity and obligation and towards an abundance mindset around food.

- Mary, 2017 

I would recommend the program to others. It gives a different perspective on food and it has helped me break the diet cycle.

- Lisa, 2019

I have experienced a lot of personal and interpersonal healing after doing your program. You have helped me so much. I realised that no one was trying to hurt me or trying to make me hate myself - it was just that they had no idea what they were doing to me because they didn't know that the diet mentality and the obsession with being thin hurts people. And that's not their fault - they bought into the same narrative that is everywhere in society. This program helped me kick off some very raw conversations with my family and we are all in a better place now.

- Participant, 2018

The program gave me a whole new view on food and myself. Ana was very supportive and the information was relevant and so useful. 

- Candice, 2018

The program taught me how to eat intuitively, how to trust my body, and convinced me that I don't need diets.

I would definitely recommend this program! Everyone should learn how to eat intuitively. I really feel for people who are victims to dieting - I want them all to know there is freedom!

-Elizabeth, 2019 

My biggest "aha" was that my eating is not mindful. Food is in my mouth before I realise! I recognise that I have specific triggers for eating when not hungry. The program helped me become more connected with why I eat. It has been so helpful, especially cause I know that diets don't work!

-Leanne, 2018
Am I hungry Mindful Eating Program Online



Self development at the comfort of your home.

The Mindful Eating Program allows you to join in to our live sessions from the comfort of you home!  We use a program called ZOOM and we connect once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. We spend approximately 90 minutes in each workshop.

This program is designed for you to take it at your own pace. At the core of all our work is self compassion and showing up for yourself in nurturing non judgemental way.

We cover three sections in each workshop.


Compassionately & mindfully observing, allowing and nurturing our relationship with food & our body.

This is the section we focus on the most. We learn about different eating cycles, and begin to unpack the why behind what we do. We begin to peel back the layers towards becoming intuitive eaters - freedom, enjoyment and nourishment with food. 


Nutrition information used as a tool not a weapon against us. 

We move away from using nutrition as a way to punish ourselves or feel guilt around food. We instead allow the education to guide us towards self care from a place of compassion.


Joyful movement: moving our body in a way that feels good.

Imagine your precious life energy flowing through you! Ready to create a life that fulfils you - mind, body and spirit. We humans are designed to move - I like to call this joyful movement. We learn to create a healthier relationship with activity and inspiring joyful movement.


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Have more questions?

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How can Mindful Eating help me?

Eating is a natural, nourishing, pleasurable part of life used to meet our body's requirements. However, living in our food abundant, diet-crazed culture, where there often is a lot of stigma around body shape and size and fear around food, we have "lost touch" with our intuitive ability to enjoy food. Instead eating is often mindless, consuming and guilt inducing. Mindful eating is grounded in the ancient practice of mindfulness with profound modern applications and implications in solving our love- hate relationship with food.

Darwin Dietitian offering the Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Program! Join us today.

Is Mindful Eating a diet?

No this program is not a weight loss diet. In fact, there is a substantial body of research to show that dieting is not sustainable and lead to a number of problems, including eating disorders, food and body preoccupation, weight gain, reduced self -esteem, weight stigmatisation and overall poorer health.

Diets can force us to disconnect from our body as we try to follow rules. This creates confusion, feelings of deprivation and despair as we try to stick the diet - we think we have

The Mindful Eating Program will guide you to break free from the diet mentality, and embrace your body as the expert to guiding you around when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat.

Darwin Dietitian offering the Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Program! Join us today.

So, what is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is learning to integrate your mind and body. You begin to trust and honour your body cues and learn how to meet your emotional needs more effectively. It's an integration of instinct (or body wisdom) with emotion and rational thought. We use mindfulness to begin to eat with intention and attention:

  • Eating with the intention of caring for yourself
  • Eating with the attention necessary for noticing and enjoying your food and its effects on your body

The Mindful Eating Program will guide you to break free from the diet mentality, and embrace your body as the expert to guiding you around when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat.

Darwin Dietitian offering the Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Program! Join us today.