Dietetic Consultations

"You will discover that nutrition is much more than what we eat and health is much more than a number on the scales."

At Stay Nourished, our Individual Sessions are designed to help you with some of the following areas:

Break free from dieting patterns, weighing and obsessing around food.
Mind, body techniques to improve your energy levels and fuel the life you crave.
Skills to feel in charge of your eating and honour your appetite. Enjoying food without fear, guilt or shame.
Establish eating patterns that suit your lifestyle, personal health challenges and needs.
Make positive changes
and set realistic goals for your health.
Therapeutic options to manage gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease or IBS.


Your individual coaching session is as unique as you are.

In your first session, I wish to meet you where you are on your journey, so generally we might chat about your health and medical background, your lifestyle, eating habits and thoughts and beliefs around food and yourself, talk about which foods you enjoy and identify barriers that might be standing in the way of reaching your goals.

From there we will determine your priorities and work out some realistic goals and talk about ways to achieve them.


Follow up SESSIONs

Follow up session offer the opportunity to truly unpack different areas, check in and reflect on what strategies you have used and identify any "aha moment, celebrate your achievements, discover and meet obstacles and talk about ways forward.

We work on re-wiring the brain, creating new habits that better serve you, which takes time and can be challenging. Each person will require different amount of sessions.