Staying Nourished is more than what you eat, it is the attitude you have towards your self. We're about nourishing body, mind and spirit.


Work through challenges, concerns and fears. Learn to embrace your body, honour your needs and nourish you mind.


Reconnect with your body and become in charge of your eating habits over an 8 week intensive program.

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As a Dietitian and Mind Body Eating Coach, it is my passion to help people  stay nourished through the way they eat and care for their body. It is my philosophy that staying nourished is based on much more than what we eat. Self care and well being begins with self-compassion, connection and kindness.

I enjoy helping my clients develop a healthy mindset around food and living a fulfilled life that they enjoy. I respect the body shape and size diversity that exists between people, and recognize that our physical, emotional, and mental well being are all of equal importance.

How my dieting attempt lead to an eating disorder

I have been contemplating writing for a while but seem to always freeze ! But I feel that the stories we share are important especially when it comes to topics around body, weight, dieting, stigma. So I decided to share my personal story around dieting and how it lead to an eating disorder, followed by…


Why Mindful Eating?

“Mindful Eating replaces self-criticism with self-nurturingit replaces shame with respect for your own inner wisdom.” Eating is a pleasurable activity that’s meant to satisfy our hunger and fuel our body.  Yet in our food abundant, diet obsessed culture eating has become complex, confusing and guilt-inducing. There is a new fad diet every week and self…