Begin Your Journey

It is important that you feel comfortable with your nutrition therapist/dietitian, as this is the opportunity for you to peel back the layers of your eating habits, learn about your body and grow in knowledge.

It is our privilege to be trusted as your dietitian & guide on this journey and we take great responsibility in working with you.

Would you like to have a chat about what might suit you best at this point in time?

Get in touch for a 15 min. discovery call where we can chat about your concerns & get a sense of whether we are a good "fit".


  • You have received a dietitian referral from your GP
  • You'd like to speak to a dietitian about personal nutritional or health concerns
  • You'd like to improve your relationship with food & your body
  • You feel confused about which "diet" to follow
  • You have been a chronic yo-yo dieter and would like help to break free from diets
  • You have a food intolerance, or IBS, or an inflammatory bowel disease
  • You'd like advice around eating for type 2 diabetes, PCOS, gestational diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance
  • You'd like advice around nutrition for heart health And so much more...


  • Do you feel ready to stop the dieting/ calorie counting/weight watchers point counting?
  • Do you know what you "should" do but feel confused around how to do it?
  • Would you like to feel in charge of your eating and know when and how much to eat without strict rules?
  • Are you ready to end mindless and emotional eating?
  • Ready to consistently eat the foods you love without guilt – and without binging?
  • Ready to learn the truth about nutrition without confusing, arbitrary rules!
  • The program runs over 8 weeks and is designed for anyone that is ready to take the next steps into healing around food and body.